With collective several years of critical technology experience and complete dedication, Nubis team always ensures every project is managed with contemporary technology to the highest standard, and keeping the client updated on the process, progress of a project time-to-time. Client is never left in the dark! Nubis offers the highest levels of responsive service creating premium value in technology, communication and human resources.

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Our Skills

Our customized software solutions are tailor-developed for a particular organization to meet particular needs effectively, efficiently, and optimally, unlike the software packages on the store shelves that are developed with general ideas in mind to meet assumed needs and demands.

Key Areas

  • Open Source Technology
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Dockers, Kubernates Technology
  • No SQL Database Solutions
  • Node.Js Front End Development
  • Elasticsearch Kibana technologies
  • Openstack, Linux Concepts
  • Cloud, VPS Cheapest Hosting Solutions
  • Cloud Based Secure Storage Solutions
  • Cyber Security Solutions

We understand our clients’ unique needs and requirements and provide a high level of service. We believe we can provide cost effective service & support allowing you to get the best from your I.T. investment

Our Services

Skilled Workforce, Cost Efficient Services, Timely Response

Apps Development

Nubis work on all Web, Desktop and major mobile platforms – Android, and IOS

No SQL Clustering Database

Indexing, Fail over Clustering Network Solutions

Cloud, VPS Hosting

Our server support packages are tailored to your requirements

Cyber Security Solutions

Complete Network, Server, Cloud and Web Apps Protection

OpenNubis will help you get the most out of your existing IT infrastructure, reducing the total cost of ownership.Our server support and maintenance packages are tailored to your requirements, with flexible additional support options available including custom service levels and support plans. Server support and proactive server maintenance can be done mainly by our remote software, or alternatively our engineers can visit your site to provide support. OpenNubis guarantee to offer the best support services and maintenance for your IT systems, removing the worry; freeing up essential time wasted through ineffective unmanaged IT support services and ensuring that our clients are working efficiently with the resources that they have available to them.

OpenNubis provides cloud and managed services which includes high availability & disaster recovery features.Cloud hosting is different from traditional hosting models. In cloud hosting, data storage is not confined to a single server but spread across multiple servers. This multiplicity safeguards users from system failures, as failure in one server will prompt another server to continue delivering the service. That too, in an automated mode. A synchronously replicated instance in the same Datacenter where Primary instance resides, to ensure High Availability of your application/workload.